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    Setup Guide: BCC Email Method

BCC Method – Getting Started


To use this integration, Collect Reviews will create a custom email address for your company to use, e.g. yourcomany2377xf4@collect-reviews.com.

This email address is used to schedule review requests for your account. Whenever an email is sent to one of your customers with this email in the BCC field, our system will schedule a review request email to be sent to the same recipient.

There are two main ways in which to implement this method:


CMS/Email system

Depending on the CMS or Email System which you use, it might be possible to automate the inclusion of the BCC Email in outgoing emails to your customers.

You should choose an email which is sent to all of your customers late in their buying lifecycle – such as a delivery confirmation notice or similar.

The setting “Delay” within your client dashboard will control how many days after this email a review request should be sent. Depending on your particular setup, this may be appropriate to send on the next available day (Delay = 0), or to wait for 3 or 4 days until the customer has their goods and had some time to evaluate.

This is a simple way to automate the process of collecting Company Reviews from all of your customers but cannot be used for collecting Product Reviews. If you wish to collect Product Reviews, talk to us about alternative options.


Manual/Thank you emails


If you aren’t in eCommerce or don’t have an automated emailing system, it may still be an appealing solution to use the BCC method.

Perhaps there’s a step in your process already where you routinely email your customers after your interaction with them, or perhaps you can add a polite “thank you” email after dealing with a client.

In order to use this, simply insert the email address in the BCC field of an outgoing email to one of your clients, and our system will see that an email was sent to them and schedule a review request.

For example:

To: johnsmith@gmail.com
BCC: yourcomany2377xf4@collect-reviews.com

Subject: Your services from MyCompany

Hello John,

Many thanks for choosing the services of MyCompany!

We hope that you were satisfied and look forward to continued opportunities to work together in the future.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that we always offer excellent service, you’ll receive a review request from our independent reviews provider Collect Reviews in the coming days.

We would love your feedback!

Of course, if there were any issues or there is something we can help with, please don’t hesitate to email us directly.


The above would then schedule a review request in our system to send to johnsmith@gmail.com. It also gives the client the option to respond to the email directly and sort out a negative situation first, if there happens to have been an issue.

This can be a great option to stay flexible. You have complete control over the messaging being sent to your customers, they have an opportunity to respond directly about any issues or problems, plus forewarning them about the review request and its personal value to you can increase response rates.

If you have further questions about this method, or would like a BCC email address set up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.