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    Tips to Excel your Email Marketing Strategy for Rapid Business Growth

    June 6, 2019

June 6, 2019

Tips to Excel your Email Marketing Strategy for Rapid Business Growth

This is the age of social media, but business owners are still looking for tips and tactics that can help them generate more leads from their email marketing campaigns. Email marketing can help with the growth of the company and improve its ROI. It helps with building the trust of customers as well as business owners are able to retain customers for a long time. However, there are still some companies that are unable to handle their email marketing campaign properly. The reason is that they do not follow the latest trends. Here we have email marketing trends you need to follow in 2019 to increase your sales.

1. Personalize emails to connect with people

Nothing can help business owners attract more clients than a personalized email. Adding a touch of personalization will make your target customers feel more important and special. Your email should make the clients feel like you are talking to them, and they are the most important customers you have.
To make it possible you should start with the subject line of your email. Write it in an attractive and personalized way that customers will be forced to open the email as soon as he opens the inbox.
After that, the first line of the email should welcome. It should be written in a way that will make your customer read further and check the products or services you have to offer. There are many business owners who are killing it with personalized emails.

2. Know the buyer type and interests

A common mistake most business owners make is they do not pay attention to the interests of their customers and buyer types that they have. In the present age, you have to know about the interest of each individual customers and divide them into different segments before sending your emails. It will help generate better results.
However, targeting customers based on buyer type can be a little difficult. However, the following tactics can help you out.

• To attract your regular customers, you should offer some unique discounts that can help them make a huge order.

• The customers who often do not buy enough products should be engaged by sharing deals that include all the important things that they commonly order. They will surely make more purchases.

• Make your customers feel exclusive by sharing limited time offers. Send email related to special offers available and make your customers sign up for the mailing list that will give them information of VIP offers first.

3. Increase conversions with triggered emails

One of the most effective trends you need to follow this year is sending triggered emails to your customers. Triggered emails have generated the most leads in the past few months, and they can be effective for you as well. There are two opportunities that are perfect for sending a trigger email.
The first case is one in which an old customer returns to your store but does not buy anything. You can send him a trigger email with information related to new products and services that can be helpful for him. Do not forget to remain him about his previous experience and how great your products have been for him.

Another case in which you can use trigger emails is when you have to appreciate your customer. It is the most effective technique. Offer them a discount on making their first 10 or 20 purchases from your store. Remind them of a milestone, like the anniversary of their first purchase from your store and offer a special discount. It will help you gain loyalty from your customers.

4. Add images to emails

There are many customers who will add a few products in their cart, but they do not get a chance to make a purchase due to some reasons. After a few days when they will return to your store, they will forget why the added particular products to their cart or why they need them. To help out your customers, it is better to send them reminder email in which you have to include the products they have added in the cart with pictures of these products. It will help customers remember the products they were supposed to buy. In this way, your sales will increase.

5. Retain customers with replenishment emails

The leading email marketing tool you can use in 2019 in sharing replenishment emails with your regular customers. You already know the time in which the products you have sold will be finished. It would be ideal to remain your customers that they should buy a new installment before the previous one is finished. This technique is very effective for cosmetics, pet food, and other relatable items because customers have to come back for such products. However, your replenishment email should be attractive, that will make the customer come back for more items.

6. Generate Reviews with emails

You need reviews from your old customers to attract new clients. That is why reviews are very important for the success of your business. Positive reviews will help you gain the trust of your new clients. However, most customers often do not share reviews that can create a problem for you. In this situation, email marketing can be very effective. You can use it to collect reviews from your customers. Ask the customers to rate your products, and in return, you can offer them some small discounts or gift cards. You can also offer discounts of sharing your product information with other people.

Bottom line

If you are new in the field of email marketing and do not know how to manage everything, it is better to start slow. You should collect the addresses of customers who belong to your target market and keep things simple. It will help you avoid any major mistakes, and you will be able to improve your marketing campaign with the passage of time. You can even take help from experts who have been working in this field for many years.