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    The Final Guide About Spiteful Reviews and Raising Reliance

    September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019

The Final Guide About Spiteful Reviews and Raising Reliance

Positive reviews are extremely influential if we speak about being beneficial to a brand. Word-of-mouth marketing has proved its need in a company’s success as almost every first customer considers reading the reviews from others before making a purchase.

However, what should you do with negative feedback? Reply with the same negative intonations? Be aggressive or close the business as soon as? None of that. Instead, try to make a profit out of it and use it in achieving your own goals. In this article we will show you how.

Reviews and its role

Customer’s opinion about you brand and its product, whether it is positive or not, should be always payed attention to because shoppers are used to exchanging experiences and this can affect your business. Through reviews trust is built which is needed to encourage people to buy something from you.

Statistics shows that only 30% of retailers collect reviews on their products. They just do not consider reviews to make any use for their companies. However, if people are looking for recommendations and feedback of other customers why not to make it reachable? Collecting the reviews from product pages can drastically drive your sales. Among that try to correct the code of the pages so it would be easier to find them through search engines. We have already written about SEO tactics you can apply to raise your position in the search results.

Negative reviews and its effect

Negative reviews can influence a brand in multiple ways. It can destroy your reputation or change a level of trust. And this is understandable because shopping online for a customer requires careful research, especially if a product if pricy or presented as a high-quality one. The higher rating an item has, the higher chances of buying it are. Therefore, thorough examination of positive reviews seems to be necessary. The same is with negative ones but why shoppers are reading them?

Initially, to understand and be ready for the greatest disadvantages of the item. Second of all, to find the special qualities of a product that may be not suitable for them. Thirdly, see what problems other customers had while using a product. Finally, to look at the bigger picture and get an objective idea of a product and reviews on a website itself.

What is interesting, shoppers are not searching for an absolutely ideal item with perfect ratings: that will seem impossible to be real. According to the research, a rating between 4.2 and 4.5 stars is supposed to be the most reliable among the consumers. Also remember that not only a number matters but also a reviewer and whether a client trusts them or not. Some negative reviews are not even connected with a product quality but with delivery issues and other problems. Thus, for some it can make or not make a difference in the impression of the brand.

How to benefit from negativity

It is obvious that reviews create a rise of conversations in the comment section. The increase of customer converting is surprisingly connected with a display of reviews. For instance, with cheap items the conversation rate rose to 110% while with expensive and high-class ones to 375%.

Higher price is associated with more risks to be taken. That is why, more reviews give a customer more information needed so they would feel certain about making a purchase. To conclude, providing honest opinion on your products is quite an effective way to boost the sales.

Building trust

Just be sincere and open with your clients. Posting negative reviews on your website means that you are not scared of responsibility and that you are ready to demonstrate not only the good but also the bad side of your customers’ experience. You will not believe it but it helps you to build trust with your shoppers.

Statistics show that one-star reviews seem to be more beneficial to the visitors of the website than those who have more stars. The reason for that is critiques can satisfy customer’s needs more than positive impressions as it gives an insight of a particular product they want to buy. On the other side, it shows you what a client really wants. Therefore, a feedback you get whether it is positive or negative is essential for your brand development.

How to answer?

By the way you respond to a negative review a customer can tell a lot about your customer service and your brand culture in general. Thus, try to take into consideration several things.

First, sympathize with a client’s disappointment but do not overreact as it will upset them even more. Secondly, show gratefulness for their review. Demonstrate how much you care and attach a customer care phone number for details. Furthermore, suggest getting a refund, returning or exchanging the product. Do not leave it hanging and leave a customer satisfied. Convert a negative impression into a positive one.

No matter where you are responding to a negative comment: publically or through DM or email, always be polite, honest and professional. Show that you are ready to solve an issue and clear up the details of an interaction with a brand. Do as much as you can is the only option.

The answers to the negative reviews are as significant as responds to positive ones as your sales boost is directly depending on that. Your comments instead of crushing the business reputation can easily rise the level of trust and the number of shoppers coming. Do not avoid negative comments as you will lose a unique chance for your brand to succeed.

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Alice works on the Renewals and Account Management team at Collect Reviews. She is a professional writer and content critic. Feel free to bug her on Linkedin.