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    SEO: How to Raise the Traffic on Your Product-Selling Webpages

    September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019

SEO: How to Raise the Traffic on Your Product-Selling Webpages

Research for shoppers is an essential part of the process of making a purchase. People do research online to be familiar with products and its price and quality, therefore, marketing focuses on making SEO better. Statistics prove that one third of the consumers start their shopping with a research.

That is why, one of the most important things to remember is the multiplicity of the results a client can get on the Internet. If your goods are not showing in the online search results you have high chances of losing a website traffic and consumers in general. In this article you will find the basics of SEO strategies and analytical tools to help you in business.

Pages of the product and its content

Searching mostly depend on content of the page. As a result, the words you write in your product descriptions or other content on your website matter for SEO. To improve the content, you can follow these rules. To begin with, check the keyword research. Every page you have should be optimized with relevant keywords and key phrases. They are supposed to be chosen according to the meaning of the material that you have. Keywords lead the search engines and help them to send the shoppers in the right direction. Through Google Search Console or other tools, you can look for the keywords matching your landing pages and monitor requests.

KWFinder by Mangools can be named as another helper in the keyword research. This website provides you with a list of analogous keywords, demonstrating how many times a month this word was searched.

An ideal keyword should have low difficulty rating, be stable in the search tendencies, have several hundred searches in a month and be suitable for your shoppers and your product purposes. You have to think over the ideas that shoppers keep in mind while searching. What do they want to learn? Do they want to find an article or imminently a product to acquire? Analyze the keywords that you like before you match them with your products as sometimes the audience is different.

Second of all, try to use long-tail keywords when you have a choice. These are the keywords with approximately four or five words. They are definite and precise and lead shoppers to very specific products. For instance, instead of car toys there can be used remote control car toys which narrows the results to the individual demand and helps to find the exact product on one of the searching pages. Keywords should be as certain as it can be to avoid risk of being lost among other brands with similar products.

Make sure you include keywords in each of the places mentioned:

  • title of the page and headers (H1, H2, H3) where relevant
  • URL of the page – the closest place to the domain
  • image alt text: although it is usually aimed at the users with visual impairments it still contributes to SEO
  • description of the product
  • metadata title and description

Remember about relevance: the keywords should be only in appropriate places, do not stuff them randomly.

Starting a blog is another idea for a content on your website which can benefit your SEO. To be noticed in the search engines you need to have a lot of intriguing content and a blog can help you with it. Researchers found out that companies which have blog materials posting articles around 10 times a month already have a three times more traffic than the ones who do not.

Write about the topics that concern your brand and about which your customers can be curious. Use these blog posts to refer to your product pages and you will easily gain more clicks and traffic. For instance, Vinebox. It is a brand for wine admirers which offers subscriptions for trying new types of wine. Their blog is definitely an example in drawing customers’ attention and getting a new traffic.

Technology of SEO

You should always think about a technical side of SEO. The first thing not to forget is HTTPs. The security of your website is worth keeping in mind, especially if you are a retailer. To deserve a trust of users and search engines you should use an SSL certificate. It means that in the URL instead of hhtp://website.com you will notice https://website.com. An SSL certificate guarantee your website the security you need as the consumers might fill their payment information while making a purchase. The certificate can be gotten from a hosting provider or another authority.

Another idea to follow is structured data. It is the information that you put on a website so the search engines would understand the content on your pages and its meaning. Moreover, adding the structured data gives your product a better rating and allows your product pages to demonstrate the pricing and the presence in stock. All the information is taken from the SERPs. The only difficult thing is that its adding needs code editing so you will have to do it yourself or ask some developers.

Rating and reviews providers such as Collect Reviews, work with Google and add your product data as needed to manage its place in the search. We know the rules of SEO and reviews and are experienced these spheres. With a use of Collect reviews’ software, you can reduce Javascript parts of the code to script loads. It means that you use only the code that is necessary and it decreases the risk of influencing the page load speeds.

The importance of the backlinks

Backlinks are the ones from other sites that lead to your pages. These reference links are essential for search engines. They have a big influence on the possible rank of your pages. There are several ways how to gain these backlinks. First of all, influencers and bloggers. By cooperating with them you create content that is needed for your traffic and backlinks. You can get significant amount of backlinks from bloggers’ user-generated content and mentioning of your brand in it. Some of the influencers work only on social networks while others have their own websites that can be profitable for you. Ask them to write a post about your product and add a link to its page. With their help you will successfully move towards improved SEO.

Secondly, take care about resource pages. You have probably seen top-lists of something best: bags, polos, leather jackets. You should try winning a place on this lists. By finding the appropriate article to contact and checking its SEO through authority checker (such as SiteProfiler, for example) you can find the one suitable for you with equally good or higher domain than you. After finding the right page, contact their owners and be patient, it will take a while for them to respond.

You can send multiple emails to different owners but remember to always personalize them. For sure some will not answer at all, so be certain that you have enough backup emails.

Check the progress

While you are improving your SEO you should monitor the changes using some special tools. There are many programs for checking your page rank and SEO health. One of them is SERPWatcher. For a low price you can manage your page ranks with various keywords. You will get notifications if the situation changes.

Ahrefs or SEMRush are considered to be more advanced tools. There you are able to get more detailed information on your website and keep an eye on competition. Analyzing the rank will help you to understand the logic of ranking and how you can change your keywords to make the system work better for you.

Furthermore, watch website traffic. If you set up Google Analytics on your webpages, you will get a better idea of your clients and audience. Acquisition tab analyzes your website traffic and the way people come to your website. It depicts the number of visitors from the organic search and shows the amount of the ones who came from social or through paid resources. Google Analytics helps to see the effectiveness of your current SEO strategy.

We hope that this article proved to you the necessity of SEO and its continuous improvement. The advice given is the fundament for SEO development. Use these tips in your business and you will notice an effect on your traffic results.

Alice works on the Renewals and Account Management team at Collect Reviews. She is always happy to grab a spot of coffee and chat about current art events, fashion or mountain hiking.