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November 25, 2018

Kaputt.de: 700% increase in review conversions

Kaputt.de offers replacement parts and tools for customers to easily repair their own smartphones. With great support and service, Kaputt.de has rapidly grown their loyal customer base and helped thousands of customers repair their smartphones in just two short years.

The Power of Reviews

Kaputt.de has always seen value in getting feedback from their customers in order to ensure they keep improving the products and service which they offer. With some customers unsure of what to expect when completing their own repairs, it has been critical for Kaputt.de to show new customers just how satisfied previous customers have been.

Why Collect Reviews?

Having previously collected reviews directly from their customers, Kaputt.de recognised that they had grown to a size where the benefits of a dedicated review collection service made sense to them.

Using dedicated review collection services, like those from Collect Reviews, offers companies a number of great benefits. Not only can you save time and effort by having all of your reviews collected and moderated automatically, but you benefit from more trust and transparency that comes from using an independent, third party reviews service.

We talked with Kaputt.de about what they considered when choosing a provider and why they chose to use the services from Collect Reviews.

“Kaputt.de has always tried to get as much feedback from customers as possible to make sure that customers were happy and we could keep improving our service. Previously we had just emailed all of our customers directly, and asked them to leave a review on our website.

We were pretty sure that we would benefit from using a reviews service, but most of the companies we looked at wanted us to sign 12 month contracts and cost around €300 per month. The cost with Collect Reviews was significantly lower and there was no 12 month contract. On top of that, they were extremely helpful in answering all of the questions that we had and providing technical support for the switch.” – Jan, Kaputt.de

Aside from making sure we offer fair prices, Collect Reviews understands that signing up for 12 month contracts is always a difficult decision, especially if you haven’t used a reviews service before and you’re unsure if it’s right for you. Our packages all offer monthly flexibility, and we welcome all new customers to have a risk free trial of our services.

Reviews Increase by 700%

Kaputt.de had collected their own reviews for approximately one and a half years before moving to Collect Reviews. In this time, Kaputt.de collected just over 300 reviews.

After switching to Collect Reviews, Kaputt.de collected another 300 reviews in the first 3 months of using the service, with review conversion increasing by more than 700%!

We asked Kaputt.de about the increase and what they think the main reasons are for this:

“The increase in reviews has been amazing. Obviously if you’re going to the trouble of collecting reviews, then you want to make sure you’re getting as many as possible.

Previously we were asking customers to leave a review directly on our website and most people didn’t take the time to do this. Now our customers get a dedicated email which they can see straight away is about reviews, they can see that it comes from a professional review company, and the process for leaving a review is quick, easy and optimised for mobile. This makes it so much easier and clear for our customers, and we are very happy with the increase in reviews which we have seen.” – Jan, Kaputt.de

By making the process of leaving a review as easy and transparent as possible, you encourage more of your happy customers to take the time to leave a review. While negative experiences might motivate some customers to take extra effort in leaving feedback, many of your perfectly happy customers will only take the time for leaving a review if they can do it quickly.

The result of having a simple and fast review option isn’t just that you receive more reviews, but that they are overall more positive and more representative of the true opinion of your customers.

This is one of the reasons why Collect Reviews bases their pricing on the number of reviews which you receive. Not only is this a fair way for companies to truly pay for what they are getting, but it ensures that we are always working hard to improve our tools and to work with you to ensure their effectiveness.

Great Service from Collect Reviews

It’s only been a few months that Kaputt.de has been using the services from Collect Reviews, but we were interested to find out their impressions of the service they have received so far.

We asked Kaputt.de for some comments and feedback regarding getting started with Collect Reviews:

“So far, we are extremely happy with the results we’ve seen using the Collect Reviews services. In particular it has been great to receive constant support and feedback and to have a solution provider we know is working hard to help us every step of the way.” – Jan, Kaputt.de

We look forward to working further with Kaputt.de as well, and hope to see their business (and review collection) continue to grow!