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    6 Tips for Strengthening Client Loyalty in E-commerce

    August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019

6 Tips for Strengthening Client Loyalty in E-commerce

E-commerce today is one of the most perspective fields in business. However, to actually sell something in e-commerce you need to work harder to win customer’s loyalty. Special customer aimed strategies will help you not to lose your clients. They contribute to maintaining the relationship with your customer and an emotional bond created between you, encouraging to return to your brand and not forget about it.

Gaining new clients is hard work and preserving the customer base that you already have is much easier. Therefore, you should focus on your current customers well-being and satisfaction and this will work for you as a source of new clients. Here you will find several ways how to create and support customer’s loyalty to move forward with your e-commerce business.

1. Do not sacrifice product quality

Customers always expect to have an appropriate quality of the product depending on its price. Recent research proved that more than 85% of the ecommerce shoppers believe product quality to be the basis for the loyalty to a company. You should be clear about the ingredients in the product and make sure the goods have the same qualities as it was advertised.

Word-of-mouth can work for and against you. The news about your brand products will spread immediately depending on whether it met or did not meet the client’s expectations your reputation can change. That is why, do not scare your potential customers and keep the quality on the level. Analytic tool such as Product Pulse can provide you with certain important details on the product and its features your clients mention on the reviews.

2. Friendly messages for each client

It is a good thing to send a friendly message with a little discount to your clients from time to time. It will endear your customers and will inspire them to come to your brand more and more. Greeting personalized emails is a nice tool but it works only if you have something great to offer. Thus, consider attaching a promo code or a tempting deal to your letter.

Also send out special bonuses for regular customers: shoppers like to know that the brand they adore cares about them. You have to make up the specialties for every type of client whether they have been following you for a long time or just came across. Special deals which can prevent a customer from an overspend always draws customer’s attention.

3. Do not forget to monitor

The competitiveness of ecommerce sphere requires being update with everything on the market. Knowledge is a new power of success. Monitoring the demographics and your competitors and using this information can help you to reduce the expenses. It is also useful in finding brand mentions and monitoring the statistics. Moreover, being online on social media contributes to your deeper understanding of the current and future trends.

This data is crucial for you to realize what the demands of your audience are. Knowing the exact desires of your clients can build up the loyalty you are looking for.

4. Try user-generated content

Customers believe other customers. Social proof gained through user-generated content can create your company a trustworthy image. Post the pictures your clients took and the reviews they wrote to improve the credibility of your company. Showing this means that you are transparent about the feedback that you get. Also keep in touch with your audience in comments and replies to make other people see that you care about your clients’ opinion and critique.

5. Make the communication simple

The communication between a company and a client is the foundation for a successful ecommerce. Waiting for several hours for an answer can scare some of your customers, therefore, there should always be a way for them to easily reach you. You have to be online every day to respond in several minutes not hours. Be ready not only to deal with client’s problems but also give recommendations and advice about the product choosing.

Be certain that on the website the questions and answers take the minimum in the product description and the most popular questions are also clearly seen. Use a chat system for quick responds and do not make a customer wait.

6. Brand persona

In the end, remember that perfect branding always matters. The e-commerce field requires having an outstanding and recognizable brand identity for customers to be interested. Make investments in the appearance of your store, content on your website, paying attention to storytelling. Be something that people like to look at and follow to be update with the changes. Image in winning the trust of a client is not on the last place.

E-commerce is about seeing what you have now and working with it. Instead on gaining a new audience, try to focus on what you already have and word-of-mouth will help you to get the rest. Build a relationship full of trust and customers would love to come back to your store page.

Alice works on the Renewals and Account Management team at Collect Reviews. She is a professional writer and content critic. Feel free to bug her on Linkedin.