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    5 Ways to Boost Reviews Online and Be Appealing to New and Current Customers

    September 30, 2019

September 30, 2019

5 Ways to Boost Reviews Online and Be Appealing to New and Current Customers

It does not matter what type of product exactly you are buying; customer’s reviews online have a strong effect on your wish of purchasing. Collect Reviews proved that up to 95% of the customers claim online reviews to play a great role in their product research.

Especially if a consumer buys some beauty or health caring products the number one reason for choosing a store to buy in is the reviews of others and their ratings to the service and product quality. Customers need to listen to the experiences of the same people as they are. The best way to make a profit from it is leverage online feedback and in this article you will find how.

1. Pro-versions of review collection

If online reviews have such a power to increase and decrease the desire of making a purchase, you should pay extra attention to it. According to statistics more than 80% of web-page visitors read all the reviews before buying the product.

However, it is difficult to have the reviews on all the product pages and actually have enough data to influence other customers. Brands and ecommerce specialists are thinking over and over the idea of investment in social proof and reviews in particular. But there is nothing to think about. Collect Reviews customer data proves that the there is a direct dependence between the number of reviews and future income of the company. The more reviews you have, the higher the conversion rate is.

To collect more reviews, try to follow these rules:

  • Emails

After clients make a purchase always check out on them. Ask to give some feedback as soon as a customer bought something from you. Psychologists say that several weeks after purchasing are needed to give a review on a product. Thus, send an email and remind about yourself after a few weeks. Analyze the data from post-purchase emails and it can be really helpful.

  • Review interface

Make it easier for customers to read and to write the reviews. Do not ask for too much information or give too long question forms. Provide a client with simple instructions and place the reviews on one page not to confuse a reader.

  • Key products

Always choose a more expensive item out of the list of purchased things. High-value products should be prioritized and the data got from its use should be uploaded first.

These pieces of advice can lead you to success in gaining more feedback and developing your brand.

2. The position of reviews

Design of a product page is extremely important in ecommerce. As soon as you got the data you needed, think about the place where it will be on a page so any customer could easily find and read it from any device they prefer to use. A 3 second test can help you with it. As any shopper does not want to waste time they spend approximately 3 seconds to capture the information from a product page they want to find. Try doing it with your website.

If you cannot pass the test it is time to correct the design on product pages. Do not give a customer the reasons to leave. Front and central position for product descriptions is the best, try it on your brand.

Also add sizes and fit details to the description and avoid gaining returns because of non-fitting clothes. And search for different ways to add ratings somewhere else besides product pages. Be creative.

3. In-store reviews placement

We have already talked about it before but it is absolutely necessary to repeat. A great number of customers search for reviews while offline shopping and, that is why, you should make this search comfortable for them. The content should be easy to find and readable though any device with correct fonts. Make sure each page loads fast enough.

Moreover, try to think about the opportunities for review placement in you offline store. For instance, include ratings into the descriptions on the shelves for your best products.

4. Syndication of reviews

Review syndication seems to be one of the most successful techniques to raise a number of online reviews on your store and items in it. It is a process when you share your user-generated information such as ratings and reviews with your retail partners and vice versa. As a result, more content can be gained.

There are two main steps in the process of syndication. First, product matching. Be certain that review data is correct on each website so the items are recognizable and easy to match. Secondly, sharing and display of reviews. As soon as the products are matched it is time to share. It is important to remember to show the real review collection location. Make sure you have your name, logo and link on reviews displayed on retailers’ websites. With that it would be easy for a customer to track down the original source of content.

5. Do not hide negative reviews

It is multiple times proved that customers find negative reviews more helpful than positive ones. It provides balance to the reviews environment and is crucial for consumers’ decisions. Today we deal with a tendency towards transparency and authenticity between brands and their clients. It is extremely important in the context of fake review issue.

Therefore, no business should avoid posting negative reviews. Positive and negative feedback together make you a more reliable and trustworthy brand. It is necessary to keep that it mind.

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Alice works on the Renewals and Account Management team at Collect Reviews. She is always happy to grab a spot of coffee and chat about current art events, fashion or mountain hiking.