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    4 Reasons Why High Product Quality Does Make a Difference

    September 10, 2019

September 10, 2019

4 Reasons Why High Product Quality Does Make a Difference

Product quality is the main criteria for customers in making a purchase. New research proved that for more than 71% of the respondents high quality goods are the goal during shopping. How can product quality be raised? How can you estimate the goodness or badness of a certain thing?

Product quality needs constant checking and enhancement. It needs customers’ feedback to be taken and analyzed on a regular basis and among that a lot of other things on a checklist before the quality will really get better. If you sacrifice an item’s quality, after some time it will affect your business. Here we made a list of four reasons why product quality can benefit or destroy your brand and what you can do to solve the problems.

1. Reputation first

It is a well-known fact that each brand is discussed on the Internet and this discussion contributes to your image whether you want it or not. As reputation affects you most, the majority of the companies try to maintain a positive impression on a daily basis. For instance, you can communicate on Twitter with come positive replies like Blue Apron does. Solving problems out right away saves the nerves of the clients and shows them that you work really hard to make a good impression.

The quality of a good or service that you offer also has a huge impact. Statistics shows that if quality satisfies a shopper, almost 40% of shoppers will definitely share their impressions with others online on social media. High product quality is an easy way to open more ways for a consumer to spread positive feedback about you and, thus, creates you a better reputation.

2. Quality means satisfaction. Satisfaction means coming back

Satisfaction of a customer is nearly the most important part of any business. Brand loyalty and quality are strongly connected and recent survey proves that almost 60% of young shoppers also think so. The younger generation tries to pay more and more attention to the quality of an item.

Therefore, the perspective for a retailer is raising quality. When the quality of a good is high enough, you will see customers coming back for more. Quality results in loyalty because repeated purchases gives you more revenue than new random ones.

Quality improvement guarantees the rise in the amount of customers and their wish of returning to your store. Moreover, it gives you advantages over the competitors.

3. Quality and WOMM

It was already mentioned that good quality makes people share their positive experience of purchasing in your brand with others. It is not only you who can do the marketing part but there are also clients who can actively participate in it and be involved in your business.

You can encourage people by using a special hashtag connected with your brand or promoting writing reviews on the products and getting special insights and recommendations you will not gain somewhere else or by sampling campaigns to keep in touch with brand advocates and influencers. Every technique can benefit your company but it all starts with a product quality which provokes in a customer a natural need to share their feelings with their friends and family. Thus, make them want to share!

4. Learn from the experience

Who knows your customers better than they themselves? Try noticing the success of the previous campaigns and see the pattern. There should be something that is repeated in the materials, designs etc. Almost 40% of the consumers truly think that retailers know them their needs well enough.

Personalization as an approach in retail is extra successful: you should understand what your customers wants and meet their expectations. Just listen to their voices in reviews and watch the sales numbers and you will understand their preferences.

Analysis of product reviews can take ages but Collect Reviews has already found a solution. Product Pulse is a special tool that analyses review data on each product. It provides you with an adjectives used most and connects it with mood of the writer so you can easily see what emotions prevail. Start improving and you will see the results really soon.

How else can you learn from the experience you have? Try to develop the features your clients already are in love with. First, examine how the customers are using the product and its features. Then, get all the data needed through the feedback you have on a website finding the hugest success stories posted. Finally, think of the improvement you can apply to make a good even better.

Product quality directly influences your company’s success. Bad quality crashes your reputation within seconds while steady improvement creates trust and loyalty of customers and leads to the victory in competition on the market. Keep in mind that it takes time to raise product quality. You should always watch discussions online to immediately change the trajectory. Follow the advice we gave and you will notice the difference in the way your brand is perceived and accepted by your audience.

Alice works on the Renewals and Account Management team at Collect Reviews. She is always happy to grab a spot of coffee and chat about current art events, fashion or mountain hiking.