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    4 Expert Systems That Will Make Your Online Store Smarter

    October 3, 2019

October 3, 2019

4 Expert Systems That Will Make Your Online Store Smarter

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative tools in today’s business. AI commerce itself is a perspective field you will definitely step in someday. We are at the point when people are tired of chatbots and assistants, they need something else. AI is an effective way to develop your store and in this article you will see how.

1. Interaction with a user

As customers are experienced enough already, it is really necessary to make such a change with AI that it would make their lives a lot easier. Machine Intelligence can help you in the design of an update version of your website or correcting the work of the current one. UX and one-to-one personalization make a great contribution to your success on the market.

However, landing a client by yourself if you are not that experienced can result in losing money. Therefore, there are some apps with AI that can solve this problem. For instance, Choice.AI. With its use you can make ecommerce landing pages and smart banners. Personalization with paying attention details to grow as a company can be incredibly done by Choice.AI. You do not need coding to place an element on a page if you have Choice.AI. The algorithms of a program predict your client’s choices and suggest buying the things a customer would really buy.

Another option is the help of B12. B12 is based on creating a website from the very beginning. Its robots make a draft of your brand’s site and then give you advice and suggestions. Outstanding design and style is guaranteed.

2. Pricing

AI programs use machine learning and data science in order to understand the patterns in a human’s behavior and can change a product price depending on this and the settings you adjusted. Some of AI tools can even analyze the market and your competitors.

An example of this can be Granify. Granify watches the behavior of a person in a real time and analyzes to know a client’s motivation and price limits. It stakes on several time periods when you can either lose a client or get them. As soon as a system notices some hesitation and insecurity it displays banners and messages to convince a shopper.

Perconali also works with incentives and turns them into profit. Precise targeting with a particular offer in the end done by machine learning algorithms and behavioral economy specialists is its specific feature.

3. Marketing field in general

AI takes a lot of functions in marketing field, whether it is personalized ads or gaining or user data. However, there are some AI tools that are concentrated on ecommerce business and this is what we are going to look at.

Wacul-AI easily solves your website problems. If you synchronize it with Google Analytics, you can get regular reports once a week or a month. Fill the data about the past activities and it will give you a detailed analysis of increases and decreases of CLTV. NeoWize, in its turn, works mostly with shopper’s behavior patterns and converts it into the insights needed for a good marketing and future development of a brand.

4. Visuality in research

There are industries where a client searches not for a product but for a visual image going with it. For example, fashion lovers who want to find that dress with that exact texture. AI can catch both textures and colors, shapes and materials and guide a shopper through a catalog. Fashion stores with AI in their pocket will be the ones who is one step ahead.

ViSense is an intelligent tool for visual search. It covers search by image, recommendations, alternatives and automated product tagging. AI not only recognizes the items for a client but also helps you to monetize the visual content you have in your brand.

Cortexica also is specialized in identifying the objects from a picture. It pays attention to a setting, colors, shapes, light and patterns. As an analysis it gives a mood, topic and emotion description of the image.

Can I do it later? Why not?

1. Costs are small

Computerization of the world makes technological process more and more affordable. GPU innovations and neural queries made a great contribution to the flourishing or a business. That is why, it is time to start now. Amazon, IBM, Google are already using it, why not you?

2. Smartphones and other personal devices

The point of 7 billion mobile phones has already been hit. The more devices there are, the more data we can get from them. AI needs information and through these connected devices we can provide it and based on that teach it and move towards its fluency in a field.

3. Other technological developments

ML and neural networks with its recent progress is a new and expanding sphere. Human efficiency has been beaten by robots and AI technologies are winning the market. A combination of ML techniques and deep learning can succeed in the fields we never succeed in before. The future is all about it so you have to join.

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