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    3 Ways How to Make a Millennial Love Your Product

    September 23, 2019

September 23, 2019

3 Ways How to Make a Millennial Love Your Product

For any kind of business, it is absolutely essential to focus on the people who were born in the time period from 1981 to 2000 because right now the considerable part of working people consists of millennials. Experts shared with us what can help to maintain the relationship with this type of your audience.

1. Find a balance between the technologies and real life

On the one hand, millennials are ready to buy products with a subscription made especially if for these goods they do not have to leave their sweet home. They are in love with Netflix, delivery services and even the delivery of their clean clothes from the laundry. On the other hand, it is scientifically proved that this generation are more likely to spend money on experiences and emotions rather than products. If millennials are used to ordering everything with a home delivery how can we make them leave the house and visit your store or a showroom? The answer is simple and clear. Let a real life visit to the store be like a virtual visiting.

Steven Gliken from Project Admission, a company for ticket sale app development, agrees with the fact that millennials would rather pay for impressions and positive feelings and supposes that interesting technological decisions can raise the level of involvement among this audience. Companies should care about millennials not only having fun on their events but also easily sharing their experience with friends. “They will notice every difficulty. If your platform is difficult to use, they will drop it and find something else,” – claims Gliken.

2. The simpler the better

Now there are so many various products and platforms that it is extremely hard for companies to draw customer’s attention. Steven Borrelli, the founder of male clothing brand CUTS, is certain that you should be as simple as possible. “Let your service or product talk for itself. Invest in its quality but let the design be simple. Minimalism adds a pinch of mystery and curiosity helps to increase the involvement,” – said Borrelli.

Gliken also believes that simplicity raises millennials attention in the context of technology. In his opinion, the most successful platforms ignore their ego and focus on openness and the ability to make strong connections.

3. Offer your help in new life situations

The majority of brands think that millennials are young spoilt loners who can pay all their money on one avocado toast. However, it is really far from reality as Sarah Shaer assumes. Sarah is a developer of Kango, an Uber for children app, which target audience millennials are.

Shaer is sure that is is really important to grow and develop with millennials, give them instruments which they can use in new life challenges, for example, a parent experience. Brands should understand what their audience needs. Shaer thinks that special attention should be payed to those moments of millennials’ lives when they reach a new life phase and need help.

For millennials being a parent is not easy: they need not only to raise a child but also to grow themselves. Therefore, they are prepared for spending more time and resources for their child to be successful. Offer them useful tools and services that will make their goals achieving not that difficult and this audience will be loyal to you for ages.

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